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Truly a Wilderness Paradise

We are located in the beautiful, rugged wilderness of Northern Ontario, East of Temagami. You can get here by water, following Rabbit Lake, or by land via ATV trails. Our three cozy, private log cabins overlook the Matabitchuan River. 

Miles from city streets and the power grid, our Lodge provides many benefits of an off-grid vacation, with the addition of pristine wilderness, which is unpolluted by artificial light and noise. 

Our goal is to make everyone feel like they are coming home to a grandparent's cottage when they stay with us.


We offer numerous amenities and services to make your stay feel like home. We are dedicated to blending comfort and convenience to provide you with the attention and peacefulness you are looking for. 

Look around, take your time we have a lot of information for you here. If you still have questions, send us a message, Let's Chat!

Our Story




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In a way our story starts in 1930 when one of the last silent films ever made was shot on the property. This was the film "The Silent Enemy" directed by H.P. Carver. To this day there are still remnants of movie props such as corrals and fencing. 

The Lodge officially came to be when the cabins were built for the filming of  "Captains of the Clouds" in 1942 starring James Cagney and Billy Bishop (WWII ace pilot). The current main Lodge was used as the kitchen and mess hall, while Cabins 1, 3 and 5 were used as cast and crew quarters. Cabin 2 has since burnt down, but was used as the original main lodge. If you walk past Cabin 3 you can see the original stone fire place from Cabin 2. 


Fun Fact: This movie was the first Hollywood movie to be filmed entirely on location in Canada. We still have some movie props hanging in the Main Lodge, and Cabin 3 has the original bed that James Cagney slept in during his stay in Temagami.

Following the filming, the land and buildings were sold to Stanley Patterson in 1953 who rented them out as  summer cottages. The property then sold again in 1968 to Jack Pearson, Howard Robbins and Ranger Bakkeberg who also rented it as summer cottages. 

In 1973 Dieter and Marlis Maurer bought the property and Matabitchuan Lodge has been run by our family ever since. 

In 2021, Tom and Dorothy Maurer assumed ownership of the Lodge. Being Dieter's son, Tom has been helping out around the Lodge since he was 10 years old. Dorothy has been helping out since she and Tom started dating back in high school. Needless to say, the Lodge has a very special place in their hearts, as well as the hearts of their children and grandchildren. 


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